25th Oct 2012
IMG_3410Flair-1500 (1)


Check out the InventorArtist.com┬áblog! I got this picture from a photo shoot from last night. I’ve been quiet here lately. Partly because I’m organizing my Web presence and a few...

30th Aug 2012


Many of you mentioned I’ve not done much work on most projects at this site or written any project related blog posts in a while. In a nutshell I’ve moved...

16th Aug 2012


My Nikon P7000 has been misbehaving so I submitted it to service. I use it a lot for my model plane stuff so to maintain continuity I got the Cannon...

11th Aug 2012

artSku at the Lab

artSku included ice cream, jewelry, paper planes and bubbles. I found some Open Workshop posters in the recycle and made some paper planes. I guess it’s the new “Open Workshop...

10th Aug 2012

artSku with Uncle Brett

We did tempera painting with paper folding. Also finger painting.

10th Aug 2012

3D Origami

I was checking a small computer store to see if they had batteries or memory cards for my brother Brett. I was amazed by these 3D Origami objects on the...

10th Aug 2012

More perpetual heads

Recently my friends and I were approached by a guy flogging perpetual motion. Dave claimed he could make a perpetual motion machine using magnets. He said it was so easy...

09th Aug 2012

Interview with Guerilla Magazine

Brita and I were recently interviewed by Guerilla Magazine for our Smile project.  

06th Aug 2012

Wind Turbine

Don and I tested out his Vertical Axis Turbine design. I set up a small generator LED combination that is very efficient. Perhaps we can try and run that.

03rd Aug 2012

Best back yard fireworks ever!

02nd Aug 2012


02nd Aug 2012

Synergy Models and Prototypes

Michael and I went to Synergy Models and Prototypes for a tour yesterday. It’s a pretty nice shop. I agreed to help them with their Web site by converting it...

02nd Aug 2012


I didn’t make it to ModLab last night but here are the pictures from the last one.

02nd Aug 2012

Largest G.I. Joe collection in the world

This G.I. Joe collection has a population of something like 5000.

02nd Aug 2012


The taller guy with brown hair is my friend Maurice. He has the largest G.I. Joe collection in the world.

01st Aug 2012

Montreal Maker Faire application rejected

Looks like no Squirrel (or other new designs) will be at the Montreal Maker Faire this year as I just heard back from my appliation:   Hi Darcy! Thanks for...