CNC wire bending machine

In order to make landing gear from .020 music wire for a model airplane project I have started a project to automate it.

I started to make a CNC wire bending machine. From the pictures you can see the pinch rollers that drive the wire through the system. You can see how they open up to load the wire.

The bending system is currently configured to bend in one plane using two servos. At the time, the bending head can’t make bends that are as close together as I need.

At this time I am planning to use an arduino to control the bending. The machine will be small and portable. Because of the arduino, it will not need to be tethered to a computer like a typical CNC machine.

8 thoughts on “CNC wire bending machine

  1. Darcy- I would like to discuss the possibilities of hiring you to design a bench-top, or smaller than industrial size, 3 dimensional, wire bending machine that is capable of bending .080″, 316 grade stainless wire? Do you have this capability? If not, could you direct me to someone that does? I would love to hear from you.

  2. Hello Darcy,

    I am already in CNC machines designs (3 axis mill and routers) and now i am interested in making cnc wire bender using mach3 or arduino. can you help me out.

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