My affair with cardboard

The model airplane project has really brought me closer to cardboard. For a start, my supplies come in cardboard boxes (for the most part). Here is a 2′ and 3′ order of balsa. Actually the large square box might be propellers, I can’t remember. 🙂

Much of this cardboard gets used for internal use. Here’s a box being used as a tote for local delivery in Ottawa. This box is surplus from when I moved a while back but you get the idea.

I also make a lot of things out of cardboard. For example, here is a glue holder.

Here’s a model airplane tote I made. I used it for carrying a model planes like a brief case.

I also get boxes from Grace Ottawa on Wednesday evening. That’s recycle night for the downtown Ottawa area (Bank street). This cardboard is cut and folded into boxes for mail order shipping.