Increase your social activity and your productivity: Ottawa Modlab (Hackerspace)

Since I undertook the project of making a CNC laser cutter, I expanded my social activities to include Ottawa Modlab. Ottawa Modlab is an open house hosted in the lab. It’s every second Wednesday.

It’s been a great opportunity to meet lots of wonderful and interesting people. It’s been a very enriching experience so far.

My productivity has been much higher because it is inspiring to see other peoples’ projects and participate in the open forum discussing everyones’ challenges. Also, meeting more people with common interests helps with everything from sourcing to problem solving. It triggered my interest in doing many more projects including more artistic things as well and that makes me happier and I am more effective.

I think if you are interested in making things or art you should find your nearest hackerspace! They almost all have an open house night.

Here’s some video from a couple visits to Ottawa ModLab so you can get the feel for the activity. As you can see I have corrupted them with paper airplanes (not to mention Squirrel model airplanes that I’ve handed out to many people).

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