Circle Plane (Origami airplane)

As many of you may know the Squirrel model airplane project has been a great success but it’s still a model airplane which requires some skill. It has made model planes accessible to an even wider audience than with traditional model planes.

I am working on a project to start children even earlier with simple aviation.

Meet Circle Plane! I’ve been making this as long as I can remember and recently I am refining it for younger children.

Here is a glimpse of V1. You can download it at Circle Plane.

As you can see it’s a printable design. There is the Outer Message, Inner message and Secret message area. The planes can be pre-printed, printed for colouring/marking or printed as blanks for children to be creative (children as old as decades).

They are great flyers and I will be publishing some video on how to make the three folds (numbered 1-3 in the printed version). If I have not made a video by Wednesday, then I will attempt t make on at Ottawa Modlab this Wednesday.

Here’s a “beginner flying session” at the office today (Dec 20).

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