CNC Router, Milling, Engraving

I’ve been wanting to get a CNC mill or router since I started the laser project. I’ve done a lot of research and contemplation about what I want and need. Here’s a great article on CNC:

I’ve been borrowing my friend Guy’s (from the Ottawa Robotics group) a bit and I have other offers from guys like Micheal in Smiths Falls.

I initially thought of building one thinking it could save money. Micheal (also of Ottawa Robotics) was helpful in finding some parts online and with local suppliers. Guy has been successful at building one of his own.

I decided after shopping around that it might be a good idea to get a small one to start with. At least if I want to make one I can use the CNC mill to help. 🙂

Here’s what I’m looking at:

XYZ axis: 60x40x6.5cm
Driving Units: 1605 Ball Screws (20, 16, 13mm)
Machine Weight: 60KG

Here’s what the supplier quoted:

Power: 110V
Working area: 580mmX400mmX60mm
Max thickness of the material: 790mm (distance between Z axis and bottom of work station)
Work station: 750*480mm
Dimension: 900*650*450mm
6061 aluminum alloy + 6063 Industrial aluminum
Slide unit: X axis 20mm Chrome circular orbit, Y axis 16mm supporting rail, Z axis 13mm Chrome circular orbit
Stepper motor: New 2.8A two-phase 57 stepper motor
Drive unit: 1605 ball bearing linear + cased muff coupling
Spindle motor: C57 300W DC motor, used, from USA, super-low noise, speed 3000-9000, ER11 3.175 collet
Spindle accuracy: radial runout 0.03mm
Engraving accuracy: better than 0.04mm, has been tested
Resetting accuracy: better than 0.03mm
Idle load speed: 0-5000mm/min
Engraving speed: 0-2500mm/min
Control box (electrical): 3977 3-axis control box with the power supply + spindle speed regulator
Weight: 60KG

It comes with a spindle and spindle controller. I had the supplier strip all electrical so I will use my own. This saves on shipping and I was able to get it cheaper.

I realize that’s a pretty low powered spindle but I think it’s a great starting point for a hobby shmuck like me. 🙂

I may use my own steppers and controllers. I have already acquired all the parts and am starting assembly now. If I do that, I will take the electrical off this and use it with my Mantis project.

Here’s a video of the 6040.

Here’s another option:

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  1. It’s astounding what we can engrave nowadays. Lots of strategies present good merchandise, having said that I believe laser etchers give the perfect clean goods. Thanks for this post!


  2. Careful with Ebay seller cnccomponent, I got a machine from them with a faulty driver and he didn’t replace it (he didn’t even answer my emails!)

    Damn robbers…

  3. Today I went to Legere in Ottawa. I bought a 2 flute carbide endmill that is flat. Also at ball nose carbide. They only had 4 flute. I got it anyways to make sure I have something to fiddle with when the machine comes in.

  4. Just paid postage. (500 bucks!)

    I guess for something that weighs as much as a person that’s pretty cheap to get it from China.

    I suppose tomorrow or the next day I will get the tracking number.

  5. Aaron,

    Here are some of the suppliers I looked at:

    I think what’s happening here is that there is an open source gantry design and a bunch of guys in China are making them and selling them on ebay. When they receive an order, they make the machine and then ship it. I suspect it’s mostly the same but there might be some variety in how well they can put them together. It’s also possible this is a kit you can buy in China. The one I am trying is ChinaMart1. They seem to be at the lower scale for price. When I get mine I will write a complete review with pictures, video and such.

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