Salsa vs. Club

I’ve been in a dance troop lately plus I’ve been relying on Salsa as a form of¬†exercise. So I try to get out once per week outside my regular practice sessions.

Last Wednesday I went to Caliente for the Salsa DJ at 10pm. They have a regular Salsa activity (

To my surprise there was a live band. They were awesome. They eventually cut the tempo back for Salsa dancing and the floor filled up!

I did a few dances and got a little tired at women trying to grab my hand while doing a basic ladies right turn so I decided to go to Maxwells for more¬†exercise. I tried different ladies and I figure it must have been “grab and cling to the guy’s hand night”.

Maxwells is hard to beat. It’s always fun. I got a couple of dances in and then home early to do a presentation on the next day!