CNC Box Fail

tote box

I’ve been doing a lot of volunteer work making Squirrel model airplanes with children. One ongoing issue is that kids never remember to bring a box to tote their planes around.

With some community centers where there is no storage, this is a huge pain. I’ve had a whole fleet become damaged by clumsy staff. So I wind up bringing the planes back and forth myself until the kids are ready to take them home themselves.

So I’ve been wanting to come up with a small box. I could have a pile of them stored flat and then kids could grab them and fold them up (with glue).

I now have a CNC which is great for making cardboard boxes for sending things in the mail so I decided to try and come up with something.

This design really sucks so far. It sort of stacks

squirrel tote

Challenge: What’s a cool box design for toting Squirrel model airplanes around?

A Squirrel is a 12″ wingspan and is 12″ long as well. So I figure something around 12.75″ might be cool. Also it seems that about 3″ high is cool since the winglets are 2″ and then the motor stick ads about 3/8″ onto that. Plus there is the toothpick sticking out the bottom.

If they had a handle, that would be cool. Stacking is also good.

It could be made of several pieces of cardboard. Here I tried to make it from one piece (which barely fits my CNC machine.

Some sort of lid might be cool too.

I’m supposing that children may want to decorate their tote boxes as well.


The cardboard cuts in the pictures are pretty rough because I using a broken end mill. I broke it earlier today but it seems okay for cutting cardboard so I’ll keep using it while I’m practicing using my CNC mill.

3 thoughts on “CNC Box Fail

  1. I was using an engraver bit. Seems to work okay.

    The boxes above were made with a broken engraver bit because I crashed it. I kept using it because it still cuts cardboard and I didn’t want to break anymore good bits while I was practicing.

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