Finally making parts with CNC Mill

Laser mounting bracket component.

Okay, I’ve been toying around with cardboard experiments and now I’m ready to make parts.

I am making mounting brackets for the laser. Here is the first part. Each bracket will have 4 parts.

This is cast acrylic. The guy at the plastics place said that cast acrylic is good for machining and extruded acrylic sucks.

It seemed to go okay as you can see by the video below. It makes a high pitched sound which I could do without.

I wasn’t sure what to use for the feedrate so I just guessed.

I tried going faster and slower and the noise didn’t go away so I just let it finish. I set zero about .001″ too high as I had a bit of flash. I also learned that you don’t need very big tabs to hold work in place.

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