Motorcycle memories

I used to have a Yamaha XS 400 Special which is a classic motorcycle. This is the predecessor of the Yamaha Maxim. I think mine was a 1981. I really loved this bike and I regret selling it.

I think this was an interesting time in the design of things. The XS Special was a classic street bike. But the Maxim which emerged in 1982 had a very different look . As you can see from the video of the Maxim which is further down it looked like everything else that was designed in that time period. It looks sort of like Darth Vader’s plastic head.

Mine was really amazing with a lot of custom work done on it by a women that owned it before me. The motor was modified to have lots of power. It needed to be in the 7000rpm range to produce high torque so it was a little noisy but I don’t think I’ve ever had a bike that I enjoyed as much as my old XS.

I sold the bike a couple of summer ago to a new life as a cafe racer. Apparently this make and model is popular with the cafe racer types.

One thing that was a cool experience was getting parts for such an animal. Here’re some pictures and videos from a trip to the motorcycle graveyard near Ottawa, Ontario (Woodys) to get a starter motor, magneto and regulator. (I think I got all those parts for 100 or 200 bucks).