Paper airplane

I’ve been looking at paper airplanes lately. Here’s one that appeals to me. It’ made from standard paper. Interestingly he tightens the folds using a vise.

I’ve always stayed away from tight folding thinking that it would weaken the paper. Look like the plane flies pretty well. I’ll have to give this a try.

One thought on “Paper airplane

  1. I just made one of these for the first time. I think it’s a good candidate for my paper plane launcher that I’m making for my workshops.

    I left the following comments on the youtube video:

    I just made one of copy paper. I think its 20lb paper. It came out a bit floppy. I suppose your design needs 204lb. Does that sound right?

    Do you use a bit of reflex at the back for pitch stability? Mine is straight and it has poor pitch stability. It flies no better upside right than upside down.

    The other thing I was wondering about is the practice of folding so tightly. Doesn’t that just break the fibers of the paper and make it more floppy?

    2nd comment:

    I see why you’re folding so tightly. There are so many folds in same proximity that it thickens the area. Can you confirm my thoughts about the requirement for 24lb over 20lb? Or is there a paper type rather than weight that works better.

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