Phlatboyz Outside cut not working


I’ve been making cardboard boxes using Sketchup and Phlatboyz plugin. I draw in Sketchup, then use the Platboyz plugin to add cuts, folds and generate the g-code.

It’s been working great except this box: tote

For some reason the g-code isn’t included for the outside cut around the whole box. It was working before I rounded the corners on the top handle and on the cutaway at the bottom.

Any ideas?

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  1. Yes, what marco said. Just move it up 1/16″, so the bottom is completely within the safe cut area. btw, I don’t see the transparent white phlatface texture from the top view. You should upgrade to the latest v0.924 for skechup 8. Also, that newer version has an overhead gantry options; so your outside and inside cuts will cut in the correct direction, for overhead gantry mills (which I assume you are using).

    • Hi Kyyu, thanks for the comment!

      Where do I get the latest Phlateboyz Script? I can’t see it at their site and I can’t find it in google easily. The one I have come from some unknown site.

      I didn’t notice that I was outside the safe cut area.

      I think what I did was some of the nooks around the outline were 1/16th inch and my endmill is 1/16th. As soon as I changed to a 1/32 endmill it started to work.


  2. Translate:

    O contorno não pode ficar na linha da safe area
    você tem que mover o desenho para ter o espaço da ferramenta


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