Recumbent Bicycles

recumbent bike

I am recently reacquainted with my cousin Kevin. He has been making these awesome bikes!

I’ve always had a soft spot for bikes. I enjoyed them most of my life and I have the suspicion they might be part of the bigger picture in the world transportation solution. I bet they can replace cars in a lot of cases.

He has challenged me to make a design for a bicycle. What to do?

Here’s a note I got from him….

I built my first bike back when we got married. It was an Easy racer which I eventually got chromed as I did a ratty paint job on it.

I still like this bike the best. I have attached a photo.

It went through a bunch of seat mods until I got it the way I wanted it. I actually broke down and bought a production seat from Rans in the end. Nice light comfortable seat. (ultralight aircraft manufacturer, and they make some wicked recumbents).

I built another similar bike for a buddy of mine which he still rides today. It turned out a little heavier as he didn’t go for the lighter stronger tubing.

We went on a bike tour of Holland and Belgium. This is where I tried out a Flevobike. After spending most of the morning trying to ride one, I said I have to have one. They are just so wacky and advanced.

So I built one when we got home. It’s great fun to ride and surprisingly quick and intuitive once you get the hang of it. It’s the black bike in the photo.

It’s front wheel drive, single sided swing arm suspension, and the steering bearing is under the seat.

I have also sent a photo of my buddy’s lowracer. We had a temporary body put on this bike and it was deemed to scary to ride with the body in place. It became very….directional at higher speeds. It is really fast enough without the body. But a clear bubble windshield would be cool.

Yeah, it’s low and impassable downhill.

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  1. For anyone in Ottawa interested in this kind of stuff, particularly homebuilding recumbent bicycles, check out the Human Powered Vehicle Operators (HPVOoO) at

    Interests of the group include recumbents, tricycles, cargo bikes, velomobiles, folding bikes, choppers, tallbikes, parades, homebuilding…

    It meets weekly for dinner and participates in 3-4 parades per year.

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