Squirrel Model Airplane Tote

squirrel tote

I have another revision of the Squirrel-Tote that I’m making so kids can take care of their Squirrel model airplanes.

This is great practice with using the mill and all the software that’s needed.

I am finally getting a box that might be useful.

As you can see I cut the word “SQUIRREL” into the box. I had the feed rate too high and it didn’t do the “S” very well. Next time I’ll use a different feed rate for the lettering.

The way I did this was to add 3d text in Sketchup. I made sure the Z axis was zero for the text. I needed to mirror it so I used the scale tool as a mirror. I then exploded the text as it comes as a Sketchup component. Once exploded, I could remove the inner geometry (the little D shapped pieces inside the R and such).