Tic Tack Toe anyone?


I wanted to try something for kicks so I made an X&O game. It turned out okay. I broke my new 1/16th endmill by striking a clamp. Boo hoo. I had to restart the job with an 1/8th end mill (I regenerated the g-code).

It came out okay.

It turns out that the little pieces fit into the groves I made to define the board. Next one I make there will be some little groves to keep the pieces in for each player.

So I made another one that had some trays for the players’ pieces. The machine cut out the pieces very neatly but I didn’t notice that I chose a piece of plastic that was a bit thicker. So the pieces don’t fit in the trays. Talk about a major fail. 🙂


Here’s what it looks like. The picture is really bad. I need to set up something in my lab for taking better pictures.

It just dawned on me that I can use the pieces from the first made one.  I’ll switch the pieces. Then only one of the two games is a fail. 🙂

I will try it again later when I have more material. I want to keep the stuff I have for making parts for my machines. I guess I’m due to hit Canus Plastics again. Perhaps tomorrow.

Here’s the source file: xo

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