Using a Stepper Motor as a generator

Pedal-A-Watt Stationary Bike Power Generator

I would like to make a human powered generator for an art project.

Challenge: I am curious if a couple of NEMA 34 motors is large enough to capture all the power that a human can generate.

I’m looking at a couple of applications.

1) To run a 120V toaster. I suspect this might need as many as 5 people to peddle. Also to run a 60W incandescence bulb.

2) To charge a 12V battery.

I’m suspecting that a stepper motor is a good candidate to make the electricity. I think the first part of the project is to make up some BOMs that show what motor to use, the RPM that it would require and parts for a rectifier and whatever else is necessary to operate in these applications.

Does anybody know of any existing projects or have any recommendations?

Richard Guy Briggs brought the Pedal-A-Watt Stationary Bike Power Generator to my attention (in the picture). I think if we could figure out what motor it is they are using for a generator, that might be the thing to get.

I just added another link below where the motor looks the same. They’re calling it an Oatley DC motor.

I found it here for cheap. Here’s another.

A nice 500W.

A nice 350W.

Here’s a DIY 1000W one.

Another DIY using Volvo parts (more).

I noticed they claim the Oatley works well in a windmill (which would be low RPM). Well that one claims it only got to 5V, but that’s pretty low RPM so this might be promising.