What kind of occiliscope to get?


Years ago I lightening my load and IĀ disposedĀ of an occiliscope. I imagined that I would never need one again. Wrong.

It’s hard to reduce clutter and at the same time be prepared.

I’m now open to getting another one.

Seems there are a lot of great offerings around now.

I’m sort of very recently back into electronics or electrical things. It’s a very different world now. I can’t figure out weather to get a 100 Megahertz or just a 25.

I’m just fooling around with thing like arduinos, CNC control systems and such.

Is a scope really necessary? What frequency should I get?

I suppose I should just get a cheap one and then if it doesn’t work out, get another and sell it. Might be the fastest way to get going. And if I don’t wind up using it