What’s this motor?

What are the specs of this motor?

I have two of these and I was wondering if anybody knows how to read the label for the motor specifications?

They are about the size of a beer can.

I am entertaining using them to generate electricity but I can’t see if the’y’re too small.

One thought on “What’s this motor?

  1. Well if you calculate the power rating using 190V and 0.18A you get about 34.2W of power. So if you’re operating at usual US voltages it could probably give out about 0.29A @ 120V and 0.14A @ 240V.

    Two wires, I guess single phase? The motor does seem a little small, if you recalculate it at 24V (usual stepper motor voltage) you get about 1.42A – if that is correct then a NEMA24 rated a 3A @ 24V would do better.

    I’m not a professional so I may be incorrect, by the way how is your CNC Milling machine going?

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