HackOTT a big Success!

HackOTT paper plane!

HackOTT was amazing!

Circle plane is the official paper plane for HackOTT! Download your HackOTT paper plane! Wohoo. I also sponsored the event by making a donation and giving Squirrel Model Planes for prizes.

If you need help making your circle plane here are video instructions on how to make them:

Circle Plane Video

Shopify was a gracious host for the event.

It was really great to connect with my friends from the software community. I also met lots of new friends!

I actually started a software project! Umm… well, I restarted it. I didn’t submit it to the contest but I will finish the project on my own.

The design of the event was to inspire the use of the API’s presented but it also inspires people to create in general.

That’s what I got from the event.

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