I want to be prettier

I think I need a better camera for taking pictures for my model plane, art and social activities.

For one thing my Kodak Easyshare is slow. I miss a lot of pictures because of the delay when the camera is saving. I can do 3 pictures then it says “processing…” on the screen for quite some time. The second limitation is that it performs poorly (inconsistently) in poor light which means it’s a pain to use in social situations. I work around it by taking lots of extra pictures from different angles which is a huge pain in the ass. It is also finicky for close up shots. Always get a lot of fuzz. I need to get further back to wash out the flash then crop the image. The resolution is pretty good.

So the camera is pretty underpowered overall.

Further if you take a look at he diagram which I got from okCupid‘s blog you will see that the Kodak performs terribly. They are able to rate cameras by correlating the attention people get with camera model and type. I think this is a very brilliant assessment.


It seems the dSLR type cameras perform pretty good. I’m not fond of the size of these things. They are a little more pricey.

But when you think, my Kodak was about 200 bucks (or so) and a decent dSLR seems to be about twice that. So it’s not really that hard to swallow.


One idea is the Cannon EOS rebel XSi IS 18-55.

It seems you can get it at Walmart for 500 bucks or so.

It think if I saved my pennies up it could very well improve my pictures. I’d certainly get more of them at 3.5 frames per second. And more is better right? 🙂

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