Number Puzzle


To make a puzzle I used Inkscape to make the layout. I change the document properties (under file) to landscape first. I then made some numbers and spread them around the screen. I changed the color of each number.

I then exported the file to a PNG file using the Export Bitmap feature. You need to be sure you export the whole document.


Next I opened up Google Sketchup. I made an 8.5 x 11″ landscape rectangle using the pencil tool.

I then imported the PNG puzzle from Inkscape. I resized and moved it till it was nicely centered on the 8.5 x 11 box.

Using the pencil and arc tool I created the cutouts around the letters.

I have the Phlatboyz plugin in installed in my Sketchup which can generate g-code. I filled out the properties box to have a 1/16th end mill, 1/4 material thickness, overhead gantry checked on, multi pass checked on with .02″ per pass.

Using the Phlatboys outside cut tool I cut the 8.5×11 sheet out. I used the inside cut tool to make the little puzzle pieces.


I generated g-code using the Phlatboys tool. I then used NC-Plot to check out the tool paths that I created.

I will now go get some 1/4″ mdf to make this. I will print the Inkscape picture of the numbers twice.

I’ll cut a base using just the outside cut. Then glue the Inkscape printout on it.

To make the puzzle layer, I’ll cut another piece of MDF but using the inside and outside cuts. Then I’ll glue the paper on top of it, sand the paper edges and presto! A puzzle.

I think I need to seal it somehow. I’ll get some sort of spray at a woodwork shop. Any ideas what to seal with?

Puzzle Source Code.

Ideas for stain:

A clear finish “Sikkens Cetol” should work well, not too thick, dries well, and shouldn’t mess with the color on the paper.



use wpu such as minwax’s water based poly urathane use it on foam and paper and wood



MOD PODGE is a popular product for decoupage.  Designed for exactly this
Non toxic and that sort of stuff as well.  Probably even buy it on
Sunday’s at
a craft store like Michael’s.

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