Another DIY CNC

My friend Harsha Wijesooriya has just completed his CNC Mill.

He has already made a model plane using his mill! See the third video below.

He told me he made it out of some old scanners.

I think that’s a great starting point. I have a couple of old scanners and would like to try the linear bearings that are in there.

One thought on “Another DIY CNC

  1. Hi Friends,
    One of my friends said he has some old scanners with me. Then I said give it to me and I am gonna try and make 2 axis hotwire CNC machine. The result was in a weekend I managed to build a complete Desk CNC for under $10.

    I am using ULN2803 to drive the 2 stepper motors. I am using FoamWorks and CadWorks with my CNC. Some photos of parts cuts using this can be found here..

    I am hoping to make a DIY CNC kit and distribute in US and Canada for very low price.

    Also I am planning to make a build log here for those who want to do what I did without buying my kit.

    Stay tuned!

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