CNC Mill made from Polyethylene

polyethylene plastic mill

I spent some time getting the electrical going for the Polyethylene mill.

The electrical is a Nema 23, 3-Axis.

I wired it up with some nice long wires so I can add the drag chains later. I decided to just run it for a while before installing the drag chains.

I just used a dremel as a spinle motor. Not perfect but when you think of it, it’s great value overall.

It runs nice.

3 thoughts on “CNC Mill made from Polyethylene

  1. Nice system darcy! what is the cutting area of the machine? we will have to see about getting together so we can try it out on some FF foam, and the laser system as well


  2. The mill has been cutting for about 5 hours straight. No overheating and no problems. Everything seems cool.

    Took a while to figure out the feed rates that work with the dremel.

    It’s a bit more challenging because the dremel revs seem to dip quite a bit under load.

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