CNC motion control problems


Something went wrong with my mill. It seems to be constrained to the X-Axis.

The axis is weak. It also runs in the same direction sometimes no matter what direction I jog it. It often doesn’t start. I changed the¬†acceleration¬†from 400 down to 200 and that didn’t help.

I jiggled all the wires around as well.

So I’m a little concerned that there is an issue with the X-controller.

I will send a note to my supplier to get another controller.

Here is a video of the axis being weak. And another of the light action on the controllers.

The X-axis is the far right controller in the 2nd video. On the mill, the X-axis is the one that moves the spindle across the gantry (Y is the longest axis in my mill).

2 thoughts on “CNC motion control problems

  1. I was able to find that the line running from the controller to the X stepper motor has one of the four wires (yellow) that does not have continuity when measured from jack to jack.

    I think this is the problem.

  2. Okay, I’ve played around a bit:

    Switching the X and Y wires on the controller: The problem stays with the physical X axis. I believe this eliminates the controller as the problem.

    Moving trading stepper motors between Z and X: The problem stayed with the physical X axis. This eliminates the stepper motors as the problem.

    So if I’m right, it’s the wiring between the controller and the X axis. Does that make sense?

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