DIY Mill made from HDPE


I just picked up an interesting mill. Here are the specifications and a couple of pictures.

I found it on ebay.

I saw other DIY mills from the seller.

I was surprised to learn that they were made in Quebec. I messaged them to find out if I could pick it up to avoid the 100.00 delivery charge.

They said no.

So I kept shopping and exploring.

I recently asked another question (how much does it weigh). No answer. Now I understand the ebay feedback on “do they answer questions”.

I saw one that was for auction so I placed a bid and this evening I won it.

Too bad I can’t pick it up since they are only just outside of Montreal. That would be gas to Montreal+ and more.

I look forward to getting it running and reviewing it!

The specifications are:

-Durable HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)
-0.75″ shaft with super-oilite self-lubricating bronze bushings (inside HDPE bloc)
-1/2-10 Acme Lead Screws
-24 t-nuts threaded steel (1/4-20) inserts for convenient fastening of the workpiece.
-Router mounts included (e-mail for your choice).
-This model allows you to change the sleeves blocks for real  bearings block (TWA12UU, SPB12 etc).
-Table size: 26 x 20.5 (inches)
-Travels: X-13.0 Y-16.0 Z-4.0 (Inches)