Documentary Shoot


This week has been more busy than usual since a documentary on myself as an inventor was filmed. There was preparation and of course the time with the cameras.

This was directed by Abby Vara and her friends (details coming forward).

Abby and the crew were amazingly professional.

I didn’t realized how much work this sort of stuff was.

There is a very high labor content in film. Well it’s much more than one would expect. They carry a huge amount of equipment around and get it set up and working quickly. In our case there were many take-downs and setup of the equipment.

Then there’s the work of facilitating the content. Abby always had a plan and kept things moving. It was all very efficient use of time.

Of course there is also a lot of time to be spent editing the video. I don’t know much about that but I bet it can take a lot of hours.

I’m looking forward to seeing what comes forward here.

One thought on “Documentary Shoot

  1. Darcy, yup there is a ton of labor involved and a ton of skill as well to get things setup and working properly and quickly is a hard and demanding job and so is editing, it can take a while. any ways hope you had fun and we have to try to hook up soon to do some chatting will have to see about a beer and wings meeting


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