Media madness. Does your media sound like this?

I’m not going to trivialize the earthquake nuclear problems.

But I’m accusing traditional media of acting like a bunch of pervs. Scare mongering and drawing attention away from issues where efforts and attention may be more fruitful.

This Roger Waters video sort of shows the idea about my reference to perversion. The reporters are just tied up in their own perverse world and just finding the dumbest thing to come up with. Like media, they just list negative stuff. How many people died in a car accident in your community, how many fires are burning….

Reporting seems to lack relevance and diversity about all the genuinely important stuff. Nuclear is important but what about the rest?

Like junk food and junk information. It’s not become about what we should be doing. It’s become about what the weaker people can’t resist. If we’re supporting the advertising in our traditional media, then we’re supporting their services.

Trashy tabloids at checkouts, speculation, phony experts, biased opinion and more.

Social media is getting sexier every day.

Poor taste alert: