Learn Basic CNC tonight!

NEW Workshop
CNC Crash Course for Makers
Easy CNC with Google Sketchup!
Instructor:Darcy Whyte
Thursday, May 26th, 2011
7:00PM – 9:00PM
M70 Lab, Free
2 Daly Street,Ottawa
Free street parking plus 4.00 parking across the road from the entrance.


It went very well. We had a full house. I was able to cover:

1) Three CNC options: Friend, buy, DIY
2) Inexpensive CNC controller show and tell
3) How to make a couple of simple 2.5D drawings in Sketchup and use Flatboyz plugin to make the g-code.
4) How to make a simple 3d object in Sketchup and use MeshCAM to generate the g-code.
5) How to validate the g-code using NCPlot
6) How to open the g-code in Mach 3 and run it (using a machine that is connected to a CNC machine).
7) I collected a few email addresses to receive a free MeshCAM licence courtesy of the software maker.
8) Guy offered CNC services to the community.