Aerial Photography

I’m looking at getting some aerial video and pictures for the Squirrel model airplane project.

I already have a small camera I can mount on a Squirrel. That’s a start. It’s a little heavy so I am using an 18″ Squirrel rather than the stock 12″.

I think it would be interesting to have a quadracopter platform to carry some camera equipment. Perhaps it could follow the Squirrel using a beacon mounted on the Squirrel or some other technique.


ARDrone is about 300 bucks.

Seems to have lots of accessories and parts available.

This might not be as open as needed for modification and it might not have the load carrying capacity. But the price tag is pretty good.

Perhaps it could be coupled with a light weight closed circuit camera such as the one at

That’s rather expensive at 250 but I’m not convinced I can’t get a similar one for cheaper.

I’v seen this sort of camera around on other Web sites and 150 seems to ring a bell.

If I’m understanding the literature this is iPhone controlled. Hmmm, there’s another bill to pay. But I so happen to want an iPhone someday.


Then theres

They have a lot of models.


A whole load of other features.

But they are all about 10,000.00.

Um, that’s sort of out of budget.


I posted a this issue into Ottawa Robotics Enthusiasts and ArtEngine online communities. I’m starting to get lots of ideas.

The most affordable is a blimp. That could very well work. So I’ll keep my eyes peeled for blimpy stuff.

This could be a really fun DIY project. It might get me more  into robotics too. Andrew Plumb mentioned the BlinkRC. This is a way of controlling things from Wifi. I might order that for this project (and I have a couple other uses for it in mind).


Arducopter seems the most promising so far (Mike from ORE).

It’s a few hundred bucks but it looks pretty nice. I think it’s open source so I should look that over.

I’d have to save my pennies.

Other stuff in my queue to research are:

Open source one

Another open source one


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