Body for a small CNC

I’ve been looking at the Zen which is made of HD Polyethylene. I’m not sure how rigid that thing is but the idea seems inexpensive. Plus the parts can easily be made on one of my other mills.

Another concept is the wooden box idea such as the makerbot or mantis. It could be bulky but it might also add a lot of structure and rigidity and still be affordable.

It might be difficult to work inside a box with a CNC as well.

One way of the other, I came across this version of the mantis.

It uses a box for it’s entire structure.

This could be very favorable for portability.

Also, if it were fitted with a door in the front, this could be a cool solution for dust and noise control.

To make it even more interesting you can mount the electrical to the box easily.

I think if this were fitted with some sort of vacuum, it would be a great small machine.

The box could be MDF and the door acrylic.

Even if most of the box was removable for when you want the machine to be more open.

Portable, quiet, clean and affordable.

2 thoughts on “Body for a small CNC

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for using (and especially watermarking them, as if they’re yours) my pictures.
    I wouldn’t mind, but asking was probably too much to ask for?

    Have a nice day,

    • Thanks for the comment. I initially tried to contact you since I was interested in your project but your blog has no contact information.

      I am assuming you want me to not have the link to your project in this blog post and also not have the pictures? If so, let me know.

      I may delete your comment if you don’t get back to me. I sent an email to the one you left with your comment but it appears to be a bogus email.


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