120V timing motors?

I noticed these motors at Princes Auto last week.

They’re labeled as timing motors. Also as 120v.

So I was curious if anybody knows what they are.

They seem to have 4 wires like a stepper.

A cute little timing belt with matching pulleys too.

Any ideas what they are?

One thought on “120V timing motors?

  1. An answer from a friend:

    They are 120v 60Hz A/C synchronous motors. They could be used in
    clocks, washing machine or clothes dryer timing dials, etc. I have one
    in my Hammond organ that precisely sets the tuning of the instrument.
    It spins the electromechanical tonewheels at the correct frequency to
    generate the tones for musical notes, hence the organ is not tunable and
    everything else has to tune to it. In fact, Laurens Hammond was
    originally an electric clock inventor and may actually hold the patent
    for the motor itself, if not its use as an electric clock timebase.

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