DIY Vibratory Tumbler

I was looking for DIY Vibratory Tumbler and I came across a link to LumenLab.

It took a while to find it since it was buried in their forum all over the place.

This looks like an easy diy machine. I wonder how you make sure the motor wires don’t fatique?

For specs, a good starting point would probably be 3000 vpm (vibrations per minute).

I also found this in youtube:

This is the original video that lead me to Luminlab.

5 thoughts on “DIY Vibratory Tumbler

  1. Great design! I would, however, unload the weight from the motor. That will allow the motor bearings to last significantly longer. Try mounting a spring to the motor shaft and mounting the weight to a separate bearing. Attach the other end of the spring to the weight and, Viola! Motor unloaded.

  2. Awesome! Have any idea what size motor that is? I’d love to make something like this to clean the rust off of old tools and deburr parts

  3. Is there a way to adapt this to wet media/stainless steel? I work with jewelry and other small metal objects/art that I need to be able to tumble in either wet or dry mediums. The wet (which is the most important) would be done with stainless steel shot. Any ideas?

    Thanks for the help and the info on your blog!


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