Dweaming Arduino

arduino drawbot

I think an arduino drawbot is a total blast. I want to make more of them and am looking at the different ways of controlling steppers with the arduino.

Stepper Drivers

Easydriver is one mechanism. They are about 15.00 each at Robotshop. So that comes out to 30.00 which isn’t too terrible. You can even run three of these if you want to do cnc. That comes out to 75.00 to run a three axis CNC including the Arduino. Not too bad for a small hobby project. But for drawbot that’s a bit steep.

The Adafruit motor shield is a better deal for a drawbot. It’s only 20.00 and it can run two servos and either two steppers or four DC motors. Way more bang for the buck.

What are good ways to get the price down even further?

Cheap Stepper Motors

I have some steppers that were given to me and were pulled out of printers. What’s a good motor (perhaps with gearbox) that’s affordable?