Post Canada: I don’t like you anymore

Make the box bigger to waste time and energy?

This service is unreliable and with the local disruption it hurt myself and a lot of other people in Canada.

This should not be a monopoly service anymore. It’s too much risk and is too damaging to the economy.

People need to send things through the mail for their business, well being and whatever other reasons.

Even when you are operating normally there are enough issues to talk about. Have a look at the photo to the right.

A parcel rejected because it is 1cm too small. I have to put it in a bigger box and waste my time (and more fuel when transporting it)?

One one occasion a very small item was rejected at a post office at a drug store. I went and bought a box of cereal, taped the smaller item to the box of cereal and returned to the post office counter. The clerk tried to reject my parcel again because they thought I was “beating the system”, but I was pushy with them and they eventually mailed the whole cereal box with the small item tapped to it with insurance.

US Postal Services is cheaper, faster and that makes it better. The only catch is that I need to declare the stuff into USA to use their service (even if I am sending to another country).

This Stinks

Here’s another lovely screen print. This is an item that was mailed and just sat. The person awaiting the parcel became irate and will never order from me again I’m sure.

Post Canada and friends, I’ve made a mistake in trusting you.


2 thoughts on “Post Canada: I don’t like you anymore

  1. US Post maybe be cheaper, but I saw a CNN story on them saying that if they did not change there business practises etc. they would be in debt to the tune of 8 Billion dollars in 5 years. If I had a dollar for every time I heard a complaint about Canada Post and their dimension rules I’d be a rich man 😉


    • I suppose the US Postal Service could be under priced a bit. Canadian services are over priced.

      The US system probably serves the economy and people better.

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