Ever have a lightning strike near you

I once had it strike very close when I was walking on Preston Street in Ottawa earlier this summer. The power went out during the lightning strike. I paced it off from where I was standing and got 70 paces. Basically like crossing the street diagonally.

It was pretty startling and the bang was so abrupt with no warning or suspicion that it would happen. My ears have not been the same.

I saw a large glowing ball shape where it struck. It seem to linger for seconds.

Here’s a video of a similar experience except it was a lot further away.

2 thoughts on “Ever have a lightning strike near you

  1. It doesn’t actually strike our planet but in fact the electricity ( runner)jumps up from the ground to meet the opposite polarity of electricity in the sky.

    • Actually lighting can go up or down.

      The one coming down is referred to as negative and the one going up is referred to as positive.

      Regardless of the direction of the strike there are usually leaders that form. The move in both directions. For example in negative lighting the leaders come down from the cloud and as they get near ground the magnetic field causes leaders to come up from the ground. If any two leaders meet, then the main bolt comes down from the cloud to the ground.

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