Fire the Laser!

I’m just down at ArtEngine where there’s some laser hacking going on. We’ve got the new Epilog 30 running.

It’s very nice. It runs from a printer driver that can interpret content into raster, vector and mixed.

We had a bit of trouble on the first vector cut from Inkscape and it seemed the problem went away when we exported to PDF and processed that.

4 thoughts on “Fire the Laser!

  1. This is disappointing, why don’t you use the laser to do something useful like cutting slices of pizza or burning food (which is what to many restaurants seem to do in Ottawa)? LOL.

    Just kidding, very cool system you have there!

  2. That’s awesome Darcy, can’t wait to drop by the Mod Lab sometime. What kind of materials can this laser cut.

    • Hi Mark,

      That’s a C02 laser which means its good for wood, plastics, engraving and much more.

      If you come, bring some of your drawings or something. Or anything you made or partially made.


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