Göbekli Tepe

This further proves my theory that the fossil and other records of our past are too sparse. And we don’t know very much about our past.

Göbekli Tepe is very important.

There is some argument that the Sphinx in Egypt is older than the pyramids. But Egyptology wants to believe it was the Egyptians who made the pyramids that made it (along with the great pyramids at Giza).

Also national geographic has an article.

2 thoughts on “Göbekli Tepe

  1. I am glad “they” have discovered it. However, whatever assessments they have made are only speculation and a stab in the dark as to what purpose it was there. People with all the college degrees learned from other people with college degrees and all these “credentials”, and so on and so forth….get way too much credit for their guess as to what something means, when it is just speculation and a stab in the dark. They DON’T KNOW! Think for yourselves and stop letting people tell you their version of it. They don’t know anymore than you and me for certain. It’s not an exact science, 2+2=4.

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