Plastics and prototyping

Michael of Krazatchu brought this plastic molding and also a DIY version (pdf).

He added that:

1) it can be thinned with paint thinner
2) glycerine can be used as a curative instead of corn starch
3) some people add paint to the mix

One thought on “Plastics and prototyping

  1. Chris from ORE:

    Other ways to quickly and inexpensively catalyse Silicone caulk:

    Betadine scrub – available from the pharmacy. 2-3 drops will harden up to 4 oz of caulk. I suspect that it is the soap in it that allows the water in the solution to be mixed into the caulk. Dish detergent may work, but I have not tried it. If you use Betadine, the silicone will cure to a colour between yellow and brown depending on how much you use. This fades as the Iodine leaches out over several weeks. Food colour would probably allow custom colours.

    Bondo catalyst – available from hardware stores and body shops. I’m not sure if it is the chemical, or water that does it, but it works. Mine ended up a redish brown and cured harder than the stuff catalysed by Betadine which was very soft when cured.

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