Sandy Noble’s Drawbot

I really like this drawbot.

It uses polar coordinates instead of cartesian. Seems people are calling this a polargraph.

Polargraph / slow drawing show preview from Sandy Noble on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “Sandy Noble’s Drawbot

    • There is more than one thing to stabilize from.

      I think weights are good but I want to keep the weight down for now. I’m using a triangle shape which gets rid of a lot. Also chocking the pen up all the way helps.

      Also notice my pen holder has a place to thread 1/4-20 and I can add nylon bolts to stabilize.

    • Adding lots of weight makes for a nice tight precise movement, but it also means more power, bigger motors, more noise etc, so there’s a balance needs to be struck.
      On the small machine, the pen holder is just a bulldog clip, so the hanging weights are to counteract the friction of the pen tip on the surface and pull the string tight, but also to keep the pen perpendicular to the surface.
      On the big machine, the pen holder is heavy enough on its own to keep the lines taut, but it still needs a little weight judiciously placed to keep the pen perpendicular.

      • Hi Sandy,

        Yes, I can see your logic. What I did on the two I built so far is to have the point of attachment of the string to the pen a distance from the pen. Seems to work pretty well but I’ll try some of the other ideas too.


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