Xylotex is working great

Okay my Xylotex 4-axis system has proven to be a good investment.

It’s still going strong. There is excellent support as well.

One thing I get a bit confused with still is Mach 3 (nothing to do with Xylotex). I seem to loose my settings once in a while.

The motor is 200 steps per revolution.
The drive multiplies this by 8 for 1600 steps per revolution.
You then multiply this number by your lead screw pitch to get steps per inch.

For some reason I have 320 steps per inch in there. I’ll have to go look at my other documentation to see how that got there.

30m later: I just figured it out. The lead screw is a 1605 which has 5mm of linear travel per revolution. So I guess that’s 3200 steps per cm. or 320/mm. I’ll have another look at the mill later and see if I can get the settings right and to get them saved.