CAD and Laser Cutting using Epilog

I have been using Sketchup plus MeshCAM or Phlatboyz Plugin for CNC milling. It works great, I’m using MeshCAM for 3D and Phlatboyz for 2.5D.

Some lasers, Pokono and the ArtEngine laser use use a printer driver and they’re using stuff like Inkscape to send stuff to the laser. I think it technically doesn’t matter what application you use since it’s a printer driver. But the application has to exist on the computer sending the job. So InkScape is cool since it’s free and you can do last minute tweaks just before printing. Whereas if you were to save as a PDF you couldn’t edit it so conveniently.

I have been looking at getting things back and forth from Sketchup and Inkscape so I can reuse some of my work. There is a plugin

SVG converter

Looks like this works. After installing it (by unzipping it and then copying it to the plugin directory) you get this little tool bar.

So you cook up your image then click the button on the toolbar. Make sure you’ve selected your content. The button doesn’t do anything if you don’t select something.

You get a screen to assign colors to different types of features. You can have it invoke Inkscape (or any SVG editor if you want). I suppose you could put a /p command in there and it would go directly to the printer.

When you click the button you get the file. In my case, there was an issue that it didn’t get the little dot that the pacman was eating. Also it was mirrored but that’s an easy fix. Or you could just flip the piece over if you are doing vector cutting.