Protein Jars for Rock Tumblers?

Thanks to my friend Rick, I now have enough jars to put together some rock tumblers with a bit more capacity.

The challenge here is how to make the inside of the jars not so slippery so when they rotate the rocks tumble rather than slide. I’m thinking of using some solvent to add some flanges. Or perhaps adding some sort of friction fit cross bars. I’m afraid of friction fit since it may distort the structure.

Perhaps I can make one for the two large jars, and another for the 4 medium sized and a vibratory one for the smaller jar. Just a thought…

2 thoughts on “Protein Jars for Rock Tumblers?

  1. Paul from ArtEngine:
    Looks like it’s PET plastic from the thread. You can bond PET fairly well with CA glue if you get a good mating surface.

    Also Acetones and Ketones will dissolve PET to varying degrees. So a nice high concentration Acetone should allow you to solvent weld pieces of PET together.

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