Chuck Close

I was tooting along in the Metropolitan Museum of Art one day and I came across this painting called Lucas by Chuck Close.

This painting is incredibly striking.

A picture of it does not do it justice because it uses a technique related to pointillism.

I looked a little closer and interestingly he had taken a pencil and divided the canvas into a grid about a centimeter square for each cell. Inside each cell he painted a little picture that has the right balance of red, green, blue, black and white.

The result is so vivid since it is not possible to do it with conventional painting.

Here’s a closeup from wiki.

I had been thinking of making a machine that can paint and this made me realize how well it could work.

So it comes down to creating a CNC paint delivery system. I’ve got most of the parts needed but I have not really solved the paint head problem. I’ve got a few ideas.

I’ll report on this over time.