Medicine Man

I was having a meeting with my friend Sanjay. We were at a table and and a native lady that I’ve seen around the pub before hovered our table being friendly so we invited her to join the conversation.

Sanjay introduced himself explaining that although he looks Indian because he was born in India he’s really a Canadian who likes hockey and so forth. He moved here as a baby.

The women replied rudely saying “You stole our land”. Sanjay wanted to dismiss her but I thought it was rather amusing and interesting. Well for one thing I suppose Sanjay and his ancestors could have been stealing her land from India. The conversation didn’t get heavy but it’s rather intriguing to see this sort of confrontation. Amusing and interesting. It seemed like there was no way to have any intellectual or meaningful discussion. But somehow I know there’s something to learn from this example.

There is hope as there are some highly intellectual medicine men amongst the ranks.

Perhaps they know a way forward.