ModLab Report

Michael and I came early. He set up a different table configuration to see if there would be different creative or social outcomes. It seemed to work well.  There was still room to add capacity if more people came by adding tables along the back wall.

I invited Matthias who showed of his pen shaker (below).

I also invited Gene who brought three others from the Inventors’s Association. Thanks to Andrew who chatted them up a bit.

I worked on my drawbot which was a major fail. There was a bristlebot activity which did not fail. I should stick to simpler stuff. 🙂

I chatted quite a bit and I rethought the architecture of the drawbot software in the back of my mind. I’ll rewrite the software and start making some real images. I may implement Breshenham‘s algorithm for lines. Also this circle algorithm. We’ll see how that gels.