Inventor’s Association and ArtEngine

I did a presentation at ArtEngine for the Inventors Association last night.

I think it’s cool that they now have a time-slot in the ArtEngine lab.

I spoke about a few things that Gene (President) suggested and some stuff I thought could be good food for thought for the group. I went over the current ArtEngine Lab and emphasized the value of ModLab (ArtEngine’s open house on some Wednesdays).

I went over some of the details of the Squirrel model plane project and some of my other projects.

To promote the idea of making things, I made a perpetual motion machine while I was presenting. I cut it out of hardboard so the group could see how effective the laser is. Can you guess if it worked or not?

I used to be a member of the Inventors Association and I’m glad I was able to connect them to ArtEngine as that may bring them back into my space.

3 thoughts on “Inventor’s Association and ArtEngine

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  2. hey Darcy, i’m looking at your sketchup drawing and cut board and noticing that your circles are very round and not obviously made of straight line segments. how do you achieve this – is it just setting the number of sides to a high value? what version of sketchup do you use – is it the pro version?

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