You might know somebody in these photos. 🙂 It’s not a complete list but it’s a start.

I recently met a new friend in a motorcycle context. He is a beginner. I introduced him to a couple of my friends that have a lot of motorcycle experience. This seemed pretty natural to do. One of the intros was to a friend in his 70s who has abandoned motorcycles. The other is a younger guy around 50 who is currently very active with motorcycles.

That got me thinking about the importance of mentorship. It’s an area that is not as well developed in our culture as it could be. I think it’s because of institutionalization. For instance, we learn from teachers in school and take courses so we tend to try and do it in bulk. This might dampen some of the relationships that might form in a more organic system.
I have many important mentors. Of course there is my dad and mom but here are a few more of them.

I bet you know some of them.

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  1. A lot of what I have learnt was from youngsters: they are the least inhibited and their curiosity is amazing contagious – one has to really listen and not pretend!

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