More on Perpetual Motion

I was at the Lab yesterday and we did some testing of the perpetual motion machine.

Here’s Sanjay’s explanation followed by a more scientific explanation.

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  2. Duncan, Thanks for the comments and for your explanation. It’s essentially correct and the machine FAILS (massively) to be a perpetual motion machine. By the way, I cannot take credit for the design building of this machine, Darcy truly deserves 100% of the credit. It serves as brilliant example (in one manner) why perpetual motion(or free energy) machines don’t work. The designers of these machines fail to understand the:

    First Law of Thermodynamics (Conservation of Energy)

    And the

    Second Law of Thermodynamics (Entropy)

    By the way, Darcy’s design of this machine was elegant.

  3. Cool experiment Sanjay.

    I believe what is happening with Sanjay’s Perpetual Motion Machine is that the Magnetism (EMF) sustains the motion for the initial few seconds in one direction and then there is a reverse/hunting movement until it brakes to a stop. This reverse action is the (EMF) changing …. the electrons gather/move …. the poles of the magnets do not retain a finite amount of pull or push. Strength of “N” and “S” Poles (of all magnets) would be changing during the motion of Perpetual Motion Machine.

    The explanation above is just in my own words (Albert Einstein would do it better) High School Physics, Grade 12 circa 1980, is from where I’m drawing my conclusion. :o) In simpler terms, think of it as the electrons are running all around over the place until such a time that they re-align to stop the motion.

    And as the famous feller Porky Pig once stated “That’s All Folks!”

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