Solar Cell Charger

I ordered one of these, it will be interesting to see how well it works.

This is a blend or storage and solar power. So I could have a couple of them siting in the sun whenever there is sun. I’m supposing they will then transfer the charge to my cell phone or power the phone when needed.

They weren’t very expensive so I am curious to see how things fair. I also bought three more batteries for my cell phone. So if there is a good solar resource then I can charge more and more batteries.

Package Weight:250g
Package Size:160 x 110 x 45mm
Color: black
Input: DC5.0V,500MA
Output: DC5.5V,800MA
Built-in Lithium battery of 2600mA/h
Convenient to change battery when you go out
It can charge your mobile ,digital camera ,PDA,MP3,MP4,and other digital products at any time and any place.
Its design is stylish ,small and exquisite, portable,fashionable and elegant.
Digital products can be used at the same time charging power for it
Charging time of mobile phones:about 60 minutes(different brands and models may vary a little); speaking time is between 100 to 180 minutes or 24 hours of standby time
Charging time of the solar energy for built-in battery in the charge:8-12 hours
Charging time of the computer or AC adapter for built-in battery in the charger:6-8 hours
Please choose the right dimension size for the solar charge and adaptors before purchase

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