More Drawbots!

I’ve been enjoying this project quite a bit and am doing a round of improvements before I make a batch of these machines. Basically I have a few friends who want them and I think it’s a great opportunity to learn about the robot-human relationship by supplying these machines.

So today, I hope to finish the design on the next generation which will have two versions. Mr. Drew and Baby Draw.

The only potential distraction is that I’m going to make another attempt at making a pop pop boat today too. My brother Brett and I can hopefully solve this strange craving.

Ideas for Mr. Drew:

-Detachable chords.

-Improved threaded circle nuts.

-Integrate controller and spools. I may branch this to another design.

Ideas for Baby Draw:

-Integrate controller and spools.

-Detachable arms.

Also, Sandy Noble is sending me his inventory of spools and sprockets from his drawbot project. He’s getting out of the business of selling drawbots for the time being. In exchange I’m sending him my systems for fun.

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